How To Not Be A Wage-Cuck


Three off-white walls surround a middle-aged man. Cheesy motivational posters, pictures of friends and family, and a calendar whose only purpose is to countdown the days to the weekend adorn the cubicle barriers. In front of him is a computer screen with a spreadsheet open, serving to cover the Facebook tab he previously had open. His manager just walked by and said hello—he knows his boss is already suspicious of the amount of time he actually spends working.

His head aches from having slept only 4 hours last night and the cumulative effects of looking at screens for 10 hours per day. His stomach churns with the slow burn of chronic anxiety that he hardly even notices anymore: it has become an almost integral part of his life.

His anxiety is a result of a diet high in refined carbohydrates and soy, not enough sleep, not enough exercise, and a stressful marriage. He is burdened with a nagging understanding that his position is slowly being replaced by low-wage immigrants. He is on probation from HR for making benign jokes about the nature of women, and his social media is being monitored.

He keeps his right-leaning views on immigration and how society should be run to himself– ideas totally uncontroversial just a half-century ago. He is filled with an overwhelming sense of dread, knowing that he is wasting his life and his society is crumbling around him.

This is the kind of future that the left and the baby boomers want for you. Hopefully, you are reading this and are not prepared to follow blindly in the comfortable path the global elite attempt to trod for you. I hope I am right to assume you want to retain and increase your masculinity, keep your intellectual integrity, and resist efforts to undermine your family, folk, and country.

Your place of employment and your social relationships are the primary psychological weak points that the left relentlessly attacks. I am going to give you some advice on making yourself less vulnerable–perhaps even antifragile— to the vicious fangs of SJW witch hunts. You know that they will show no mercy and stop at nothing to ruin your livelihood.

There are two ways to handle this reality: either keep your head down in the workplace and live out your values as anonymously as possible, or chart a path where you can speak openly without being financially beholden to the thought police.

I’m going to give you some advice on taking the latter route—but note that both options are perfectly legitimate and strategies vary from person to person.  

I’m not going to tell you what to do. I’m not some sleazy internet marketer selling you on another penny shitcoin, or trying to sell you a multi-level marketing scheme. I’m going to tell you about the one thing that will determine whether your career is fulfilling and gives you freedom and wealth–or if it is just another prison: programming you as a cog in the globalist wage-cuck machine.


Your Personal Relationships

If you want freedom in your work life, you either have to work for yourself or work for men who are sympathetic to your worldview and/or support free speech. Even if you work for yourself, you still aren’t totally free if you rely on liberal colleagues, creditors, and customers. We can see how much of a hit the Trump brand is taking and how many billions of dollars he is losing from his presidency. Unfortunately, you don’t have billions of dollars to play around with.

You need friends and allies you can rely on: the hard part is finding them. Strong personal relationships are the glue that the globalists target first and foremost. They are destroying the family every day, our churches and civic communities are gutted and replaced with the hollow substitutes called video games, drugs, and porn. Fortunately, the internet makes finding people easier than ever.

Look on Meetup, Facebook, Gab, and every option available to find groups of right-wing thinkers. If you can’t find one, start one. Don’t be afraid to pick up and move if you can’t find anyone near you: belonging to a clan can have life or death consequences. Find spaces where your chances of finding free-thinkers are higher. Personally, I have made great connections over the past few months by meeting other men at the gym, and by joining a volleyball team. Physical activities tend to attract better than average people.

The more rooted you are in a genuine community of like-minded individuals, the better eye you will have for spotting those who have a thirst for truth. I am always on the lookout for quality people to add to my personal and professional circles.

Once you have a tribe, work together to build your wealth. Get a good job and help your friends get good jobs. Save up some capital and start businesses together. Having a professional and personal network of persons who won’t censor or ostracize you for your political views is the most important asset you can have today.

The Fundamentals

On top of working your personal relationships, there are a few basics that you probably have heard before, but are worth hammering home:

  • Save your money and invest in assets like Bitcoin, gold, silver, stocks, and bonds. Fail-Safe Investing by Harry Browne is a very short, straightforward read that will teach you the fundamentals of investing for the long-term
  • Don’t buy stupid shit. Never buy a car new, limit your consumption on expensive clothes, buy books over video games
  • Always be learning. Read books about marketing, sales, persuasion, and finance. Work to expand your skill stack by learning web development, code, or another language. Increase your odds of success.
  • Bring value to others on the Right with bigger platforms than you. Tweet out quotes from Stefan Molyneux, Jared Taylor or Tara McCarthy. Cut out short clips from their longer YouTube videos and post them on Twitter (or Gab!) and Facebook using Tube2Gram.
  • Eat a healthy diet, low in refined carbohydrates, high in quality fats, with lots of vegetables. Eat good quality protein from grass fed cows, free run chickens. Lift heavy things and play a sport that gets you sweating and preferably incorporates teamwork.
  • Date high-quality women. Date with the goal of finding a good mother, not sex in the short term. The most expensive and most emotionally damaging thing you can do is to divorce and have all your money taken in alimony.


All of these fundamentals will be reinforced if you’re around the right people. Stop at nothing in finding good men. Work to bring as much value to your people as possible.


I know what it’s like to be alone in a civilization that is falling apart, while everyone around you thinks you are more than a little bit crazy.


There is a better way.

An introduction to Identity Talks

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