The Left Can’t Win

First of all, sorry for the long break. Life can get hectic but we can always orient ourselves back to what’s most important.

What is called The Left, Liberalism or Communism by certain circles is not the result of intellectual errors on the part of its proponents. It is a personality disorder which is characterized by anti-life and anti-truth habits and beliefs. It is a way of life which destroys instead of builds and justifies itself with moral posturing and lies. I’ll grant that some have been swindled into this dangerous ideology and could be brought out of it with a big dose of therapy and philosophy. However, since most of someone’s personality is inherited, especially their political views, we can see we have both a problem and an opportunity.

Let’s start with the bad news. Leftism is largely genetic. Single motherhood, child abuse, criminality, poverty, the list goes on and on. Those are all highly correlated with IQ, which does not vary greatly over the generations and has largely stopped increasing on the whole. The Democratic Party is the party of r-selected genetics and it shows. There is no way the Democrats would be competitive without the highly welfare-dependent Black and Hispanic populations. That problem is not going to go away easily. You need to address the demographics honestly. Stefan Molyneux has great presentations on this.

What’s the good news? I believe all whites who could be convinced by The Left have already been brought in. The Left needs to double and triple down on its anti-white, socialist, extreme rhetoric to appease their non-white voter base, alienating moderate whites. This escalation also leads to right-wing whites to join the culture war. They have overplayed their hand and made themselves open to counterattack. You can see this most prominently in the rise of the Alternative Right. Conservatives have more children than liberals and have higher in-group preferences. Because of heritability, this means that whites will become more ethnocentric and right-wing as the generations add up.

What does this mean? The left tried to take over and bring about their socialist, “diverse” globalism about 20 years too soon. Trump won, there is a real populist moment in Europe which could destroy the neo-liberal hegemony of the EU and honest, politically incorrect debates are the hottest thing on YouTube right now. Tucker Carlson is the most-watched TV show in its time-slot. Jordan Peterson is extremely popular because of his criticism of political correctness and healthy common sense. Whites are still majorities in all of Europe and the vast majority of its colonial nations. The only hope for The Left now is to attempt to disenfranchise us, rob us of our property or outright exterminate us. Our job is to wake up our racial and ideological brethren to this. Free Speech, Gun Control, Mass Immigration, all issues can be directed towards this message. The Left wants you broke, helpless or dead. We can still fight back if we have the courage and skill to point it out.

Don’t despair, build up good habits and always do the right thing. In the end, that’s all that’s necessary for good men to win.

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