Why History Matters

We can only act in the present moment, but our consciousness should not be limited to it. We live in a historical context, and our actions are informed by the past.  This can be a great asset if the context we are currently in obeys the same rules as the one we used to be in.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say your mother was clinically insane and literally treated you like a dog, only feeding you if you got on your back and barked. Let’s say you got away from your mother and are now an adult in the wider world. If you feel hungry, would it make sense, as a free adult, to get on the floor and pretend to be a large, hairless dog? It wouldn’t make sense. If you didn’t examine your new environment and compare it to your history, it would be very difficult to change that habit and get new, updated and healthier ones.

I don’t believe anyone reading this ever experienced something so extreme, but the principle is the same. Our present situation is different from our past and our history. In some ways, it can be similar and you would not want to change your habits and attitude. That is why the study of history, both personal and collective is important to acting productively in the present.

We must learn where we came from, to understand where we are now so we can effectively go forward to the future we wish to see. Let’s make 2018 a year of introspection and deep study, that we may direct our movement and ourselves in the best and most successful direction so far.

Happy New Year.

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