Political Correctness is Soul Death

A few days ago I listened to a conversation between Mike Enoch and Jean-Francois Gariépy. A lot of ground was covered, but one subject, in particular, grabbed my attention. Political Correctness. I strongly recommend you listen to the whole show, it was an enjoyable experience and I learned a lot from it and I hope you can do the same.

To get to the subject at hand, some people have defined Political Correctness as “niceness” and “not offending anyone”. Those are things which may or may not be good, but the main issue is that the definition is wrong. Political Correctness is thought control. It is a tool used by those in power to silence opposition to The Narrative. Not only does Political Correctness shut down conversations and encourages the “de-platforming” of dissidents, it also fucks with our mind. The Social Engineers in charge of the West at this point in time have found a way to stop Crimethink in its tracks. George Orwell would be terrified. One cannot even begin to entertain a counter-argument to the Liberal agenda without negative feelings being triggered. The moral legitimacy of the system is extreme.

If we do not resist this development with all our wisdom, courage and might, we may perish forever. Consciousness is the proof of existence, and if they can control and manipulate our consciousness with totalitarian language, freedom is lost. Fight back, don’t let them take an inch inside your own head. The Reconquista starts in our own hearts and minds.

We need a society which is run according to the way the world is. We need empiricism, which is really the root of wisdom. We can’t begin to fix the problems we’re faced with if we can’t honestly think and discuss the issues. We need to debate and challenge the ideas and ideals upon which our system is based. That is the only way we can continue to approach our destiny and our dream of a more perfect political solution.

Cultural Marxists get out REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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