An introduction to Identity Talks

Dear reader, welcome to the Identity Talks blog. This will be a written companion to the Identity Talks live show. The goal is to delve deeper than we have time for on the show. We will also explore different ideas which might not be relevant to the news cycle but are important to our mission.

If you are not familiar with our live show, it’s all in the name. Identity Talks is a focused project, with a clear, concise message. We wish to spread awareness of identitarian issues. Specifically, we want to bring attention to the demographic and cultural dangers which present themselves to Western, European-descended peoples. We are not exclusively concerned with politics, however.

We believe that there is a deeper, more personal way these issues present themselves. We wish to empower the individual by encouraging self-exploration and personal improvement. We believe that this is the only sustainable way to affect change in the world, especially in the areas of relationships and child-raising. After all, this is where we have the most power. Extreme vetting starts in your personal life! As a civilization, the level to which we overcome our past traumas and limitations is the degree to which we prosper.

We hope to present insightful and actionable information you can apply in your own life. We want to build a body of work which can serve as a complete introduction to the discipline of self-knowledge.

I hope you will join us on this adventure! We are looking for writers who are as passionate about these ideas as we are. Please send all inquiries to In most circumstances, I’ll follow up with you within 48 hours.

Emanuel Neves, co-host of Identity Talk

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