The Left Can’t Win

First of all, sorry for the long break. Life can get hectic but we can always orient ourselves back to what’s most important.

What is called The Left, Liberalism or Communism by certain circles is not the result of intellectual errors on the part of its proponents. It is a personality disorder which is characterized by anti-life and anti-truth habits and beliefs. It is a way of life which destroys instead of builds and justifies itself with moral posturing and lies. I’ll grant that some have been swindled into this dangerous ideology and could be brought out of it with a big dose of therapy and philosophy. However, since most of someone’s personality is inherited, especially their political views, we can see we have both a problem and an opportunity.

Let’s start with the bad news. Leftism is largely genetic. Single motherhood, child abuse, criminality, poverty, the list goes on and on. Those are all highly correlated with IQ, which does not vary greatly over the generations and has largely stopped increasing on the whole. The Democratic Party is the party of r-selected genetics and it shows. There is no way the Democrats would be competitive without the highly welfare-dependent Black and Hispanic populations. That problem is not going to go away easily. You need to address the demographics honestly. Stefan Molyneux has great presentations on this.

What’s the good news? I believe all whites who could be convinced by The Left have already been brought in. The Left needs to double and triple down on its anti-white, socialist, extreme rhetoric to appease their non-white voter base, alienating moderate whites. This escalation also leads to right-wing whites to join the culture war. They have overplayed their hand and made themselves open to counterattack. You can see this most prominently in the rise of the Alternative Right. Conservatives have more children than liberals and have higher in-group preferences. Because of heritability, this means that whites will become more ethnocentric and right-wing as the generations add up.

What does this mean? The left tried to take over and bring about their socialist, “diverse” globalism about 20 years too soon. Trump won, there is a real populist moment in Europe which could destroy the neo-liberal hegemony of the EU and honest, politically incorrect debates are the hottest thing on YouTube right now. Tucker Carlson is the most-watched TV show in its time-slot. Jordan Peterson is extremely popular because of his criticism of political correctness and healthy common sense. Whites are still majorities in all of Europe and the vast majority of its colonial nations. The only hope for The Left now is to attempt to disenfranchise us, rob us of our property or outright exterminate us. Our job is to wake up our racial and ideological brethren to this. Free Speech, Gun Control, Mass Immigration, all issues can be directed towards this message. The Left wants you broke, helpless or dead. We can still fight back if we have the courage and skill to point it out.

Don’t despair, build up good habits and always do the right thing. In the end, that’s all that’s necessary for good men to win.

Appropriate Intensity

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re very “red-pilled”. I also assume you care about making the world a better place. We need to meet people where they are, however. If your friend is in a dangerous drug addiction they can’t go straight to having white babies and raising them peacefully. There has to be a progression. In the same vein, if your society is profoundly sick you have to introduce marginal improvements to get to something healthy.

That can be immensely frustrating when you’re more aware than the average person. We desperately need to change our ways, and we need to do it quickly. I empathize with those who call for acceleration and “radical extremism”. We need that feeling of urgency and purpose. It’s real. But before we can change the policies of the government, we need to change the attitudes of our people. We need to develop a strong and responsible group of people who can assume the State’s power and use it in the best way possible.

If you’re hanging out with your friends and some of them might not be completely on board with your politics yet, you need to embrace that boundary. Ask questions, don’t get confrontational, they will learn with time if they have a curious soul and they care about your friendship. There’s a caveat here, which is that I assume the other person is actually curious and that the relationship is otherwise enjoyable. Don’t spend more time around enemies (people you can’t talk with) than you need to.

There’s also the possibility of not being intense enough. If your best friend is about to throw himself off a bridge and you just stand next to him all relaxed, you’ve got a problem.  In times of emergency, you get as serious and active as the situation warrants. When you are aware of problems in society, you have a responsibility to your fellows. I want to recognize that.

I invite everyone to check their intensity and measure it against your standards. Am I doing what is best for my people, myself and my future children by acting this way? That’s what I ask myself. I want us to win, and I believe great courage, empathy and reason will be necessary.

Best of luck in the Culture War.



Why History Matters

We can only act in the present moment, but our consciousness should not be limited to it. We live in a historical context, and our actions are informed by the past.  This can be a great asset if the context we are currently in obeys the same rules as the one we used to be in.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say your mother was clinically insane and literally treated you like a dog, only feeding you if you got on your back and barked. Let’s say you got away from your mother and are now an adult in the wider world. If you feel hungry, would it make sense, as a free adult, to get on the floor and pretend to be a large, hairless dog? It wouldn’t make sense. If you didn’t examine your new environment and compare it to your history, it would be very difficult to change that habit and get new, updated and healthier ones.

I don’t believe anyone reading this ever experienced something so extreme, but the principle is the same. Our present situation is different from our past and our history. In some ways, it can be similar and you would not want to change your habits and attitude. That is why the study of history, both personal and collective is important to acting productively in the present.

We must learn where we came from, to understand where we are now so we can effectively go forward to the future we wish to see. Let’s make 2018 a year of introspection and deep study, that we may direct our movement and ourselves in the best and most successful direction so far.

Happy New Year.

Don’t Fuck With Sarcastic Wenches

Alexander J.A Cortes highlights the phenomenon of women who base their identity on being sarcastic:


Screenshot (171)

Furthermore, if a central aspect of her personality is sarcasm, she is fundamentally based in deception. It is gaslighting.  You can never tell when she is telling the truth of her feelings with a snide remark, or when she is joking: and both options kind of suck.

Excessive and omnipresent sarcasm is deeply toxic and inevitably corrodes relationships and marriages. All relationships should be based on honesty, directness, and goodwill. Making a habit of deceiving your partner, even in jest, builds an icy cage around both hearts.

What are Boundaries?

A boundary is a limit placed on behaviour. It is meant to protect the one who establishes the boundary. Boundaries are necessary to civilized life, they are the result of self-ownership and self-responsibility. Just like the terms of a contract between businessmen, boundaries set the standards for relationships.

I would recommend everyone to check out Steve Franssen for more on boundaries. He concretized the idea for the philosophical community and has personally enlightened me on this issue. I will talk about some of my own history with boundaries and the general idea of it. He goes much deeper. His book Make Self-Knowledge Great Again is simply the bible of self-knowledge and a great starting point for those curious about the concepts discussed on this blog.

I used to be someone with poor interpersonal boundaries. As I learned philosophy and applied it more consistently in my life, I improved my behaviour. I learned that I need to take care of myself, the responsibility for that is on me, not my friends or family (unless you’re a child!). I made a separation of duties and I was able to accomplish much more. I also improved my relationships and made them an equal exchange of value, not a codependent mess.

I was also an open-borders libertarian. I learned that there is a difference between nations. I also learned to care for my own people before others. That is the only way we’re going to get anything done to make the world better. Our responsibility is only to ourselves. I want to help others too, but you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you help your kids. Everyone understands this.

Boundaries are empiricism and voluntarism applied to relationships. Empiricism calls on us to deal with the world as it is. To work with from human nature, not against it. I’d like us to reach a point where the State is no longer necessary. Where we are free to make whatever contracts we deem to be profitable to us. We don’t live in a world where people can handle that kind of freedom. We live in a world where we need organized violence and taxation to protect the genetics and cultural heritage of our people.

You don’t have to like empiricism, you don’t have to like the necessity of boundaries, but you have to live with it. Life gets easier if you enjoy being subservient to objective truth.

Bring your standards up and don’t let anyone drag you down into the mud. Don’t let harmful people into your life or into your country. Build a wall for your inner life and protect it like the Hungarians protect their beautiful country.

New Year’s Reflections and Resolutions

I hope you had a cosy time with your friends and/or relatives over the Christmas weekend. Many will be setting New Year’s resolutions this weekend, with varying degrees of success. I want to talk about that.

I grew up in a sectarian religious movement which prevented me from participating in certain traditions, like Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations. For the longest time, I was a bit annoyed by it all, to be honest. But as I’ve moved away from the dogma in which I was brought up to a more rational and empirical view of things, I’ve come to appreciate those events and the wisdom behind them.

Winter is a natural time to rest and reflect.  It’s a time to reflect on whether or not we’re going in the right direction. We can analyze the path we’ve taken and change our course if need be. I think that’s a very valuable thing. When we take a moment to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can start to look back. I suggest writing down what you’ve accomplished, then you can see yourself in a greater context and see things more objectively. That’s how you get some really valuable insights into your personality and your goals as a person, in my experience.

Personally, I’ve had a very good year. Settling in a new city, building up a real-life network of friends and allies and getting into a new career are some of the things I’ve done which have made my life better. Naturally, I plan on building upon these advancements and have set some reasonable goals for the next year. What about you? What accomplishments are you proud of? What are your biggest challenges right now? What can you do in 2018 to become a better advocate for our people? What can you do to make yourself and your civilization great again? Those are questions I ask myself as often as possible. The more we examine ourselves and strengthen our personalities, the stronger our movement will be, and the higher the likelihood of victory.

Happy New Year.

Political Correctness is Soul Death

A few days ago I listened to a conversation between Mike Enoch and Jean-Francois Gariépy. A lot of ground was covered, but one subject, in particular, grabbed my attention. Political Correctness. I strongly recommend you listen to the whole show, it was an enjoyable experience and I learned a lot from it and I hope you can do the same.

To get to the subject at hand, some people have defined Political Correctness as “niceness” and “not offending anyone”. Those are things which may or may not be good, but the main issue is that the definition is wrong. Political Correctness is thought control. It is a tool used by those in power to silence opposition to The Narrative. Not only does Political Correctness shut down conversations and encourages the “de-platforming” of dissidents, it also fucks with our mind. The Social Engineers in charge of the West at this point in time have found a way to stop Crimethink in its tracks. George Orwell would be terrified. One cannot even begin to entertain a counter-argument to the Liberal agenda without negative feelings being triggered. The moral legitimacy of the system is extreme.

If we do not resist this development with all our wisdom, courage and might, we may perish forever. Consciousness is the proof of existence, and if they can control and manipulate our consciousness with totalitarian language, freedom is lost. Fight back, don’t let them take an inch inside your own head. The Reconquista starts in our own hearts and minds.

We need a society which is run according to the way the world is. We need empiricism, which is really the root of wisdom. We can’t begin to fix the problems we’re faced with if we can’t honestly think and discuss the issues. We need to debate and challenge the ideas and ideals upon which our system is based. That is the only way we can continue to approach our destiny and our dream of a more perfect political solution.

Cultural Marxists get out REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!